fuckbread. (tripmywire) wrote in antijingo,

I've been reading some of the posts and responses on here, and I agree with most everything people have been saying, and that's why I joined this community. I personally think that America had this type of thing coming to them for some time. I don't think all of the people deserved to die, but I do think America deserved something to happen. I just think that the act against us should've been something different, there's many other ways they could've proven their point. All the same though, it's said and done. Now everyone is ready and willing to take revenge against those they consider wrong, without even considering the difference being those who are guilty or innocent; these people need to think about WHY this happened to our country. We've done TONS of horrible things to other countries, and it was just a matter of time before they decided to fight back. I'm just sick of seeing everyone act like we're innocent. They need to step off their high horse and take a look back, then think about whether or not we should be taking out our aggressions and feelings of revenge.
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