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Peace. Hey, why not?

I have a friend who rejects idealism. He seems to think just about everything I say is idealism. Well I have a thought. What if everyone was an idealist? And they shared a single ideal? You know what would happen? The ideal. Now I have a simple word for that ideal. Peace. Most people at least give lip service to the ideal. Many people truly yearn for it. But far too many do things that contribute directly to its' opposite. I think a large part of this is greed. In this world, for centuries greed has trumped peace. Money is a symptom of this, it seems to exist merely to provide some with more then others. But it is only a symptom. Greed is the disease. So. Now I've stated a problem. Simplistic? Yes. Inarticulate? Probably. Do I offer a real solution? No. And yet I have this ideal. Peace. So. I think a large amount of thought and effort should be put into finding some way to completely eradicate greed. Not by something immoral like a sophisticated genetic lobotomy, or hypnotic teaching ala Brave New World, but by actually convincing people that greed is bad, peace is good, and here's how we do away with one, and promote the other.

Yes, this is naive as hell. But if I ever lose this naivete, then I will consider my soul clinically dead.

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