jonas moon, king midas in reverse (arch_carrier) wrote in antijingo,
jonas moon, king midas in reverse

welcome to anti-jingo.

there is so much good in this country. turn on cnn and hopefully you'll see pictures of firefighters and policemen, nurses and doctors, clergy and laymen, all digging through the rubble to find survivors. you'll see people in lines of great length ready to give their blood to help. a young girl named nancy cooks food for rescue workers. a forty-year-old woman who lost her husband and children volunteered to help others instead of sinking into grief and hate.

let's keep that spirit alive in this country. we're better than revenge, or we can be. what good will more blood spilled do? there's no justice in killing. none at all.

but we shouldn't be surprised. justice died in this country along with the native americans. it died before we ever got here. all that's left is senseless killing, and racial prejudice and violence.

what in the name of all that's good and right are we to do?
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