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Our Reaction

I just joined this community becasue I believe in this. We can't start to act in irrational ways. We can't start taking out our frustration out on all the Muslims that are living in America. I lost a good friend in the attack in New York. I was suppose to go to his wedding in April. I am hurt, but I am not going to punish every Muslim that I see.
WE cannot bathe in blood to wash ourselfs clean. Our thirst for blood cannot be quenched by blood of innocent people in Afganstan!
We have find bin Ladin and he has to pay for what he has done. But we can't hurt other Muslims. They are not responsible for all of this.
If I can let go of my pain, so can other! I know I am asking a lot, but I wouldn't be asking it if I weren't willing to do the same.
The other thing is that we are partly to blame for this. We trained bin Ladin. It was the CIA who was responsble for funding bin Ladin in the late 70's and early 80's to fight the Soviets in Afganstan. We trained the Muslim terrorists so that they could "defend" their religion from "outsiders."
I am not saying what was done was right. It was by no means right. But these are the fruits of our labor. We fuled the religious tension in Islamic countries so that they would not fall under the influence of the USSR. Now that moster that we have created has come to haunt us.
We cannot be thinking about bombing every inch of Afganstan. The people of Afganstan are not responsible for this. Bin Ladin is. We have to hunt him down.
If we raze Afganstan to the ground, we are no better than bin Ladin because he would have hurt innocent people just like he did. How many more orphans will we create? How many more fathers and mothers will have to lose their children by our bombing?
I know a lot of people are hurt and I know that I am asking a lot by asking people to let go of the pain not look for revenge. But I wouldn't be asking this much if I were not willing to do the same.
I pray to God that this War on Terrorism doesn't trun into a War or Retribution.
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