Black Star = DralaFi (dralafi) wrote in antijingo,
Black Star = DralaFi

Replies to my last entry.

I was just critized for my entry on this community. If you have some thing to say, say it to my face. Why are you hiding?
Do you not have the courage to face me? By typing in an anonymous reponse, all you do is prove to me that you lack the courage to face something hard or uncomfortable.
Biggots of KKK attack someone and go back into hiding. And when they attack, they have the hood on. Are any of you afraid that of me, a single college student?
By critizing me and hiding, you show that you are a racist who attacks someone who is an easy target. You are so scared that someone will stand up to you, you have to do everything in secret.
Only someone who is afraid that he/she is wrong will not show him or herself. Who ever you are, you are just scared of what someone might think of you. You are worse than a biggot because you don't even have the balls to stand by your views.
You just sound like a "yes man" who licks his boss's heels to get ahead. But once the boss is gone, you would sell him out in a flash. Heck, you would sell your own family if it fit your needs.
You are the people who give humanity a bad name. If you have something to say, say it to me again, and this time come with the balls to show yourself. I am not going anywhere.
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